WiFi Network For Small Businesses

If your office WiFi network requires a security key to connect and that key is common for all users than the network is not secure and cab be misused.
If your office WiFi network requires one password to connect, there is no way to know how many users are in possession of that security password. Your neighbor might also be knowing about your WiFi network password and might be using it for his own personal work. A leaving disgruntled employee can also misuse your office WiFi network.
If internet is provided to visitors by sharing office WiFi network password, your office WiFi network becomes vulnerable. Some people setup a different WiFi network and keep updating WiFi security password everytime it is used by a visitor or on a weekly basis. This wastes a lot time in managing the guest WiFi network. In other case, there is a window of time over which guest WiFi network can be exploited.
Yes. Using CloudiFi WiFi solution you can make your office WiFi network very secured, manage users of the network and selectively enable or disable your WiFi network access by some user. You can also provide secured WiFi internet access to visitors without wasting time in managing it.

WiFi Hotspot Network

Like majority of WiFi hotspot networks, chances are very high that your WiFi hotspot network will be open. Some people use single security password based WiFi hotspot network which is equivalent to offering internet over open WiFi network, as security password becomes a common knowledge very soon. Open or one password based WiFi hotspot network can be exploited by malicious user to perform illegal internet activities.
Captive protal is a mechanism to control access to internet by genuine users. A motivated malicious user can easily by pass such a captive portal to perform malicious activity.
By keeping WiFi network open in conference, it is possible to give ease of access to genuine users. When limited period internet service is offered in large gatherings such as conference, people search for free internet service, connect and use the service. When usage limit expires they stop accessing internet but their device remains connected to the network. Over period of time number of such devices with expired usage limit grows and saturates the network. This brings down the overall performance of WiFi network.
CloudiFi offers cloud defined WiFi networking solution that solves security, network misuse and performance problems of a traditional WiFi hotspot. In addition to that, CloudiFi WiFi also provides privacy and data protection to hotspot users.