Solution For Businesses

  • Plug and Play CloudiFi APs
  • Cloud Based Configuration
  • Robust WiFi Security
  • BYODs Automatic Control
  • Unauthorized Access Prevention
  • Browserless Authentication
  • High Service Availability
  • Multiple Branch Office Support
  • Employee Presence Management

Small and Medium Businesses

Benefits of wireless networking at work place is long established but due to lack of cost effective, SMB's requirement centric WiFi solution, most small businesses depend on off-the-shelf access points (APs). In this way, though they are able to get the obvious benefits of wireless, unmanaged wireless gears and shared wireless security are invitation to types of problems businesses are often unware of.

  • WiFi Performance Issue: In a unmanaged APs deployment, when no of APs grow beyond single digit, it becomes really difficult to find out an AP which is faulty or down due to unknown reason.
  • Unauthorized Access Issue: In a one security password based WiFi deployment, it is impossible to keep control over sharing of password. A disgruntled leaving employee could also make this information public leading to possible unauthorized access and misuse of the network by a malicious user.
  • Data Privacy Issue: In a shared WiFi security key based network deployment, users are vulnerable to data privacy issue.
  • Visitor WiFi Access Issue: Providing wireless internet to a visitor is also challenging for small businesses. They can't keep their Guest WiFi access open and single security key based guest WiFi access requires frequent update of password.

CloudiFi's Cloud Defined WiFi Networking (CDWNs) addresses all problems mentioned above and help businesses focus on thier core work. To learn more see our case study for small businesses.

WiFi Hotspot Providers

WiFi hotspot service providers such as hotel, cafe, restaurnats etc. often use open wireless configuration. It means user can connect to WiFi network without requiring any wireless security key. Access to the internet is controlled using a web based captive portal. A WiFi network deployment without any encryption at connection layer and user authentication via web based portal makes the service vulnerable and brings serious liability issues to the service providers.

  • Unauthorized WiFi Access:Access to open WiFi hotspot network can be easily gained by a motivated malicious users and can be misused for coducting cyber crimes.
  • User Data Privacy:Hotspot users do not get any privacy or data protection and remains exposed to serious security threats from malicious users.

CloudiFi helps in keeping interests of both hotspot users and providers aligned by providing cloud defined secured WiFi hotspot solution. Hotspot users are authenticated and internet access limit is provisoned based on unique security credential. It helps in making browser based authentication obselete which often creates confusion among uninformed hotspot users. To learn more, please check our WiFi hotspot case study.

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